The Cult DAO

Welcome to the future of NFT asset collecting

Unique avatars for DAO members

The Cult DAO community will be voting on which NFTs or crypto assets to invest in for the benefit of all DAO members

The NFT token registered in the Ethereum blockchain - Girl in the Helmet, grants its holders exclusive ownership of the NFTs stored within the Cult DAO treasury.

Simply by holding a Girl in the Helmet NFT token, individuals will not only have the unique opportunity to own current and future limited NFT collections, but also to obtain exclusive access to other member privileges, giveaway raffles, and future Cult DAO events!

The revenue generated from post-sale royalties will go towards the DAO treasury.


CulD is a collection of NFT avatars, which is the entry ticket for Cult members.

Athena - live on Ethereum
10 helmets
10 color schemes for helmets
10 costumes
10 color schemes for costumes
Super rare golden mutation ( < 0.99 %)

Choose your character and blockchain

Our collection is based on two different characters who live on different networks,


Live on Ethereum network, price 0.05 ETH +gas

mint on ETHEREUM


Live on Polygon network, price 100 MATIC +gas

GO TO POLYGON mint page

List of DAO cults

Each cult has its own story and its own destiny.

Welcome to the family

Available for purchase on the secondary market


This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take DAO. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

Q4 2021

Genesis Presale Phase

The 'Girl in the Helmet' NFT serves as a membership for holders to participate in the DAO. This membership includes part-ownership of the NFT collection in the DAO's Vault.

Only 300 NFT's - 12.13.2021 - SOLD-OUT


Discord Channels with Token-Gated Access

Our Discord is open to everyone, but we will introduce separate channels only for verified owners of the Cult DAO NFT to participate in - sharing ideas, conversations, and insider knowledge on profitable and exciting future drop collections.


Storing Funds in a Gnosis Safe MULTI-SIG Wallet

The Multi-Sig Wallet is essential for making our DAO fully decentralized. Our signees will include both team members and community members. Funds will only be moved and accessed with joint permissions from our signees.


Q1 --> Q2 2022

Setup a Snapshot Space for Governance

Introduce a voting platform on, which will allow all 'Girl in the Helmet' owners to vote and introduce their own proposals for the DAO with their membership.


Public Sale Phase

The 'Girl in the Helmet' NFT serves as a membership for holders to participate in the DAO. This membership includes part-ownership of the NFT collection in the DAO's Vault.

Only 736 NFT's - SOLD-OUT

The revenue generated from 100% of post-sale royalties will go towards the DAO's treasury.


Benefits for Owners

Long-term profit distribution

As a collectible DAO project, we will trade and collect expensive and captivating NFTs for the DAO's Vault. The owners will decide through voting - which Projects should be bought or sold. Profits will depend on the earned sum from NFT transactions in the DAO wallet and will be distributed respectively amongst the holders, rewarding in a greater manner the most hardworking members.


All copyrights to the images are transferred to the token holders along with the nft. Token holders can use the images to create and sell their digital and physical products.

Access to our Shop/Gallery in the Metaverse

One of the main goals of The Cult DAO is opening a gallery/shop of all our collectibles and NFT's. Metaverse Users will be able to buy them directly in the Metaverse. Holders will also be able to trade their 'Girl in the Helmet' NFT's there too.

Future Goals of the Project


Becoming one of the best collectible DAO projects is a "must" for us. We believe the DAO concept is the future - and that collection is diversity. If we connect with these values and goals, we will be a unique and valued force in the NFT space.


We don't want our presence to be only for the web. We're chasing all the innovative opportunities we can find and that's why buying territory in the Metaverse is one of our main priorities. With so many different features and utilities, the Metaverse will be a productive space for most of our traders and collectors.


Owners will vote for the sum of charity donations, the specific charity organisation, and the date at which the donation will occur.

Support for other DAO projects

We consider ourselves to be early in the DAO space. That's why we want other DAO projects to succeed alongside us. We will set up future Twitter Spaces and Discord Meetings for new DAO's and will be willing to share our wide array of experience with them.

For every NFT you purchase, you also gain membership privileges. It’s similar to buying governance tokens in a regular DAO. The NFT becomes a membership pass.

Get a Piece of the Cult DAO


The team that works on the launch of The Cult DAO


Soul Maker



The God of Discord



The God of Partner Integration



Multiplying souls


Development partner of the Cult DAO, find out how to release your collection on the website


Product & designer



Smart-contract magician


How mint NFTs on our website

Install metamask, top up your wallet balance and press "Mint"

How to Install and Setup MetaMask on Google Chrome Browser

How to set up and install the MetaMask extension on the Google Chrome browser.

How to Add NFTs to MetaMask

How to add custom tokens and NFTs to MetaMask.


Answer to frequently asked questions

Hey, how do holders eventually benefit from holding the Cult DAO NFTs?

So we just bought a Punk for 100 ETH. We are holding it. If in the future the value of Punks increase to 150 ETH, for example, our holding has increased its value. We'll be able to vote if we want to hold it or sell it as a DAO. If we sell it, the DAO wallet gets the ETH, and we can choose to reinvest it again.

What is the plan to replenish the funds in the DAO when we have less revenue from OS activities because of the NFT placement?

The DAO will buy assets that are potentially well ahead of the market. The main will make the right deals.

Does anyone know how a multisig wallet works?

Multisignature wallets (or multisig for short) are cryptocurrency wallets that require two or more private keys to sign and send a transaction. The storage method requires multiple cryptographic signatures (a private key’s unique fingerprint) to access the wallet.

As the DAO wallet gets super huge, how do we ensure that the key holders won’t work together to steal the DAO assets?

Public people who value their name will be chosen. People will be chosen by a vote of the DAO members.

More information in our documentation

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